25 French words we use in English

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We already saw French words with foreign origin (French words with foreign origin), let’s see now which French words do we use in English.

If we want to drink something before or after a meal we would say that we will have an apéritif. :cocktail:

In art or in fashion when something is original, radical or innovative we say it’s avant-garde.

When we go to see a movie before its release we go to the avant-première. :cinema:

Someone single is a bachelor or a bachelorette.

Long tasty bread? Baguette! :baguette_bread:

What is this type of dance that I could never perform? Oh, yes, ballet!

Someone with dark hair, brunette

Something elegant and stylish in fashion, is something chic :dress:

In a movie, when the main characters finally kiss and just by chance it starts to rain… Cliché!!

That feeling when you already lived what you are living, déjà vu

Perfume? Fragance? No no, eau de toilette.

Someone who sets up a business is an entrepreneur

I don’t know about you but I take the metro to go to work. :metro:

If you mix a few eggs, some cheese, some jam, and a frying pan you get my favorite French word: omelette! :fried_egg:

Undoubtedly all of you must know the next word :plate_with_cutlery: : restaurant.

Something a bride can not miss is her bouquet :bouquet:

Bathroom? Of course not, toilette :toilet:

Do you have a meeting or do you have a rendez-vous?

Other French words we use in English:


What others come to your mind?

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I think these words are used also by many other languages.
For example, in Italy we also use the word “Baguette” on a daily basis. The words “Chic”, “Déjà vu”, “Cliché”, “Metro” are also commonly used. :raised_hands:
What about other languages? Do you also use some of these words?