25th April of 1974 - The Day of the Revolution

Portugal is now free!!!

The day chosen for the action was April 25, 1974. At dawn, MFA soldiers occupied the Rádio Clube Português studios and, through the radio, explained to the population that they wanted the country to be a democracy again, with elections and freedoms of all kinds. And they put music on the air that the dictatorship didn’t like, such as José Afonso’s Grândola Vila Morena.

At the same time, a military column with tanks, commanded by Captain Salgueiro Maia, left the Cavalry School in Santarém and marched to Lisbon. In the capital, it took up positions near the ministries and then surrounded the GNR barracks in Carmo, where Marcelo Caetano, Salazar’s successor at the head of the dictatorship, had taken refuge.

During the day, the population of Lisbon joined the military. And what was a coup d’état turned into a true revolution.

At one point, a flower seller started handing out carnations. The soldiers would stick the foot of their carnation in the barrel of their rifle and the civilians would put the flower on their chests. That’s why people talked about the Carnation Revolution.


A year later, on April 25, 1975, the Portuguese voted in freedom for the first time in many decades.

Listen here the Music that changed a country


Hi! Here I add to this interesting post, another version, a symphonic one of Grandola vila Morena

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Hi nevenka_48918,

gave me goose bumps!!! :hugs:
Thank you for sharing! As a Portuguese native this is the song that kind of represents our soul!!!


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Yes, Liliana it’s really lovely song. I like to play it on guitar, it has a beautiful melody and very emotive lyrics!

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