A curiosity about Russian language

Did you know that the Russian language has more expressions for shades of blue than most other languages? In fact, Russian has no single word for just blue. :blue_heart:

:radio_button: Here some examples:

  • Синий - dark blue
  • Голубой - light blue
  • Бирюзовый - from light green to light blue
  • Васильковый - deep bright blue, the color of cornflowers.
  • Лунный - pale bluish
  • Моревый - the color of the sea :ocean:
  • Тёмно-бирюзовый - dark blue-green
  • Ультрамариновый - blight blue
  • Цвет морской волны - “color of the sea wave”, blue-green

These are just some examples, and they are really used in common life. Curious, isn’t it? So many ways to describe such a deep color… :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Beautiful! Poetry everywhere!

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that sounds cool, myself being a russian speaker i can probably point out 3 out of all the shades of russian blue :slight_smile:

dark blue, light blue and (maybe) бирюзовый… otherwise it’s very subjective.

But according to Lera Boroditsky (and her ted talk) these color destinctions also affect our brain and our lives :slight_smile: