A day in the life of a Japanese high school student

If you’ve watched “Actually I am”, “Battery” or “Hyakko”, you’ve noticed that both anime are set in Japanese high schools. The school environment is often used in several Japanese anime and manga. In this post, we will learn a little about what the routine of a Japanese high school student is like.

Japanese children usually go to school by bicycle or even walking, depending on the distance. In schools located in rural areas, bicycles are widely used.
The school day begins with daily lineups, student attendance checks, and then classes begin.

Usually students maintain discipline and silence during lessons, but breaks are often quite noisy.

After regular classes that end around 3:00 pm, students attend extracurricular activities, known as bukatsu. There are countless options for activities, including sports, and cultural activities such as tea ceremony, kadô (art of flower arrangements), etc.

Extracurricular activities continue until 6:00 pm, but if you are in the year of taking the university entrance exam, you will probably leave school to attend the cram school. It is a specific preparatory course for the entrance exam.

It’s a rather tiring routine for a high school student, don’t you think!?

Finally, what characterizes Japanese schools are the uniforms, already well known by anime and manga viewers. An interesting detail is that the Japanese change uniforms slightly throughout the seasons. The seasons are very well-defined in Japan, and the change in temperatures requires a change in looks as well.