A few common phrases

Hello! Here we have some really used metaphors in Italian:

:arrow_right: Ho una fame da lupi - I’m really hungry
As an Italian student, you can’t learn at your best if you are hungry :drooling_face:.

:arrow_right: Ho gli occhi pesanti - I have heavy eyes
Is usually used to say that you are feeling sleepy or tired, specifically when you are feeling it in your eyes :yawning_face:.

:arrow_right: Sono sull’orlo dell’abisso - I’m in serious troubles
Is a figurative way that literally mean that you are from a step from the abyss :scream:

:arrow_right: Guadagnarsi la pagnotta - Bringing home the bacon
A sentence about how you pay your bills :neutral_face:

Hope you like it! Have you ever used some of theses sentences or others?


These are awesome!!!
I am always using “ho una fame da lupi”, because I am indeed always hungry :joy:

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I like to use
“non ci vedo più dalla fame” - “hunger got me blind”