A little reflection on peace and the world

Did you know that in Russian the same word is used for “peace” and for “world”? The word is “мир” (mir).

I imagine that some of you are wondering what the expression “world peace” sounds like. And this in Russian is said as “мир во всём мире” [mir va vsyOm mIre] = peace in all the world.

Perhaps I’m a bit idealistic, but I find this fact not only curious, but interesting to reflect on. That the same word is used for different concepts… Is there an implicit connection between the two? Is it peace that relates to the world, or the world to peace? I feel it’s positive to think about it, considering the wars we have lived and are currently living in the world. I interpret it as a sign not to lose hope that human beings can be good, and the world was created to be at peace…

What ideas and reflections do you have? I read you! :earth_asia: :dove:


very interesting!
I think it’s a beautiful concept and gives a lot of hope for a better future where the whole world can be at peace. Also now I have learned two new words in Russian :relieved: