A newish Spanish Learner's questions about different phrases, and possibly the uses of words that he does not understand (Please Answer Them LoL)

Hi! I started learning Spanish a few months ago! I’ve ran into two phrases which I simply do not understand. I guess I’ll just add any related questions that I have to this topic later on. My three questions are these:

  1. I do not understand “con tal de que”. Apparently, it is supposed to mean “Provided that”, or as a friend put it: “mientras”. Mientras I can understand, but not con tal de que. How do the words in the phrase “con tal de que” all work together to mean “mientras”, or “Provided that”?

  2. Since I started Spanish around February of this year, so I figured a kids show would be simple enough for me to understand. Well in the first episode of Bay Adventures, there was the phrase y ya, which, according to the translation means “that’s it” (correct). How does “and already” translate to “That’s it”?


Hello! Thank you very much for asking. I will answer you:

  1. Yes, you’re right. ‘‘Con tal de que’’ is a connector that introduces a condition for some particular fact. It can be translated as ‘‘So long as’’ or ‘‘Providing that’’.

  2. I don’t quite understand your doubt, but the expression ‘‘y ya’’ is like saying ‘‘That’s all’’, simply.

If it wasn’t clear, I’ll be here to answer!


Simply put, Spanish has a lot of phrases, just like English has, that sound weird or don’t make sense in direct translation. Though ‘with such of that’ makes sense as provided that, to me.