Abbreviations that Italians use a lot!

Hi everyone! :slight_smile:
I thought it would be helpful to show you guys some of the most common abbreviations used, especially between teenagers :slight_smile:

  1. Perché (Why / because): xké, xk
  2. Per (for / to): x
  3. Però (but): xò
  4. Non (not): nn
  5. Come (how): cm
  6. Comunque (by the way): cmq
  7. Ti voglio bene (I love you, the one you say to a friend and not to a partner :grin:): tvb
  8. Aperitivo (aperitif): axitivo
  9. Dove (where): dv
  10. Ci sei? (are you there?): c 6?

How about you guys, what are some of the most common abbreviations you use in your language? :slight_smile:


I know also about:

  1. vbb: vabbè, oh well
  2. tat: ti amo tanto, I love you a lot.
  3. anke: anche, also
  4. xfetto: perfetto, perfect
  5. mex-msg: messaggio, *message *
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