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Bonjour Lingopie friends!

This section is dedicated to all our French students :100:

Here you can share your learning experience, ask for advice, and ask general questions about the French language.
Do you have a grammatical question? You couldn’t figure out what that expression in your favorite show meant? Our team is here to clarify all your doubts :slight_smile:

Moreover, in this section you will be able to speak about all of your favorite French shows and start a discussion around the plot, the characters and all what interests you.

Nous avons hâte d’entendre ce que vous avez à partager avec nous :heart_decoration:


Plusiurs fois dans “desperate parents” on gifle ou l’enfant ou l’epouse. Je sais que ca peut arriver n’importe ou—mais c’est normal dans la vie familiale francaise?

Bonjour! Je m’appelle LaCherish.

Un peu about moi: I’m fairly new to learning languages aside from high school Spanish. My dream is to acquire as many languages as I can to make meaningful relationships and have a community of friends around the globe. I’m also pursuing my dream of traveling this beautiful world, it’s people, food and writing stories about it—I feel like it’s my duty to understand the language and culture of the countries I will experience. So, I thought I’d start with French to live the Parisian dream of high school me.

With that said, I’m curious to what shows folks have been watching to learn French? Also, I noticed there are webinars or events for French learners. Are these for beginners too?


Hi LaCherish!

Welcome to the Lingopie community :slight_smile:

French is a beautiful language and Lingopie is the perfect place to immerse yourself into the culture, ways of saying and much more of the language you are learning.

My recommendation from our catalog are:

Don’t love me in dreams: Learn a Language with TV Shows and Movies - Lingopie

Welcome to our home: Learn a Language with TV Shows and Movies - Lingopie

Frappuccino: Learn a Language with TV Shows and Movies - Lingopie

Let me know if you liked them :slight_smile:

And yes! The webinars are beginner friendly, I warmly recommend joining !!

Looking forward to meeting you!! :rocket: