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Thank you for the collaboration :slight_smile:

it would be helpful to have more games to help learn collected vocab.
it would also be helpful if you got an answer correct three times (or four, five maybe) that it stopped showing you this word in the game and it became a ‘learnt word’.
in addition, if the pop quiz game said the word aloud automatically it would help reinforce vocab audiably.

it would also be helpful if you were able edit the words in the words list, because sometimes the definition isn’t quite right and it makes the list more personalised. maybe just a small edit button next to the word would be great.

I have noticed that some of the flash cards and quizzes contain minor errors. Have you thought about developing a way for users to flag those and offer corrections? It would seem that would be a very efficient way to correct the issues. I read/write French and have a number of French colleagues, so it would be easy for me to provide accurate corrections. I’m here to improve my listening and speaking skills.