Accents: Brazil X Portugal | [Show: Final Call Guided by Monica]

Hey guys!
If you have already seen the guided version of the show “Final Call” that we launched, you know I asked you a question there and I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can take a look here.
I hope you like it!


Thank you for sharing Monica.

I will see it and see if I can answer your question.

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Well Monica I just saw it and for me the difference is the musicality.
When I hear you talk the words kind of dance when you speak, and Portuguese accent is more formal to my ears!

But I just can’t help it, I love them both!!!

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I’ve definitely noticed a difference. Primarily been practicing the Brazilian accent previously before started on lingopie, and watching this show in the Portguese accent, I was immediatedly able to pick up on words and sounds that were pronounced differently than how I originally learned them.


Wow… That’s so nice to know!
I have to confess…
Even for a Brazilian, it is hard to get what a Portuguese is saying. The European accent can be really challenging to understand sometimes, especially if you had the Brazilian accent as the first reference! I’m proud of you! Congrats!!!


I love them both too!
Actually, the more I get used to the European accent the more charming I think it is!

(Feels like a cozy hug on an autumn afternoon. :smile:)