Advanced english shows

Do you have any recommendations on advanced English shows to see? Thanks in advance.

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Hi there! Of course, we have some really fun shows to practice your advanced English. As the English Manager, these are some of my absolute favorites:

“A couple leaves their familiy house in Texas to pursue a career in LA where they face reality.”
This comedy will have you rooting for the loveable characters while giving you a good laugh.

Whatever, Linda
“It’s 1978 and Linda Thoroughbred is broke, divorced, and pushing 30. Watch her achieve success in this Ponzi scheme dramedy inspired by the real-life events of the Bernie Madoff scandal.”
The characters and the plot are great. Drama and comedy are constantly intertwined, and it’s even better when you know it’s based on a true story.

Clown Under the Bed
“Devin and Adam are two childhood best friends who want to throw a housewarming party to show their old high school friends that they are adults now, but nothing goes according to plan.”
This show is super fun and made me laugh out loud many times, the comedic timing is just perfect.

Cactus Practice
“Two friends have a weekly podcast, but they feel very different about it. To top it all off, a new roommate will come along to change everything for them.”
If you enjoyed Clown Under the Bed, you’ll definitely enjoy Cactus Practice as well.

Date Night
“The same café is witness to three very particular individuals who love to hate romance and commitment.”
If British accent is more your cup of tea, check out this short film. Also a comedy with some great acting,

“The sweet surprise of a birthday cake turns a little bitter when a pair of siblings follow a family recipe.”
If you prefer drama, check out this Australian short film. Emotional and heartwarming.

Thanks for asking and if you ever want more recommendations, don’t hesitate to post here in the forum :smiley:
Enjoy these amazing shows and let us know what you think!
Happy learning :blush:

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