Advent, Advent, ein Lichtlein brennt

I absolutely love the Christmas season in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with all their customs. For example, the “Adventskranz” is a circle made of fir branches with 4 candles on it. The last 4 Sundays before Christmas, they light the first one, then two and so on. They normally do it at breakfast with the family while listening to Christmas music. They really know how to enjoy this time of the year as a family!
What customs do you have in “Adventszeit”?


I think my favourite tradition during this time of the year is the advent calendar (or Adventskalender). I just think it’s nice to have a small gift to look forward to for almost a month! :gift:
And it’s interesting to see that this, as well as the Adventskranz that you mentioned, are ways to track how much time is left before Christmas. I love the idea that the festive spirit stretches back a couple of weeks! :christmas_tree:


Hi! For me, one of the best things of the German Christmas season is the food! I really enjoy the ‘ 'Glühwein’which is a drink that’s really popular in Germany. This drink is suuuuper sweet and it’s perfect for the colder wintery days! I’ve also tried 'Stollen’ which is one of my favorite Christmas recipes. And my very own favorite of all times, the ‘Lebkuchen’. This is a cookie that is made exclusively in Nuremberg. This cookie is to die for and truly one of the best things I’ve ever tried!
Which German Christmas recipe do you recommend me to try??


My favorite Christmas cookies are definitely “Zimtsterne” (cinnamon stars). It main ingredients are almonds, eggs and cinnamon of course :heart_eyes: :star: