"alle" = empty?

Hello, in one of the episodes of Coconut, the word “alle” is translated as “empty”.
Here goes the whole sentence to understand it better: “Mein Vorrat is alle.” and the English subtitle “I’m out of stock”.
Could someone explain this to me? Or is this a slang thing? :exploding_head:


Hi! For what I understand “alle” can mean ‘all’ and ‘empty’ at the same time :rofl:
There is a difference though, “alle” (when talking about all) can be used only with plural nouns. For example: ‘Alle Katzen trinken milch’ (All cats drink milk). At the same time, “alle” is also used as a second meaning to say ‘something has been used up or finished’. For example “Dein Akku ist alle” (You run out of battery). I hope this helps you! :grinning: :wink: