Ancestral Portuguese Tradition

It is a spring tradition whose origins are lost in time. Historically, the Mayan ritual takes place on the night of 30 April to 1 May. Tradition dictates that doors, windows and other places are adorned with flowers and yellow brooms and decorated straw dolls. Present in various regions of the country, the tradition reveals different aspects in each one, but a common denominator: the flowery Maias.


According to some, Maia was a doll made of rye straw, around which there were dances all night long on the first day of May.
According to others, the name of the month of May comes from Maia, mother of Mercury, and the custom of decorating windows with yellow flowers is linked to it. The celebration of the first day of May can, as we can see, have very different aspects.

Do you have similar old traditions that have survived the centuries in your country?