Anniversaries in Latin America: May 5th

Hi :wave:! Today we bring you some anniversaries celebrated this day in some places of Latin America:

1813: Argentina :argentina:: The Asamblea General Constituyente de las Provincias Unidas del Río de La Plata (General Constituent Assembly of the United Provinces of the Río de La Plata) establishes May, 25th as a civic holiday in commemoration of the Revolution of 1810, which was the basis for Argentina’s Independence.

1862: Mexico :mexico:: The commemoration of the Batalla de Puebla (Battle of Puebla) is also one of the most important dates as it is one of the few victories over an invading foreign army.

Symbolically, it represents the union of the Mexicans during adversities, because with courage and dedication, Mexico achieved victory despite having everything against it, talking about a numerical inferiority in terms of soldiers and weapons.

1959: Argentina: At the age of 80 dies the lawyer, diplomat and politician Carlos Saavedra Lamas, the first Latin American to win a Nobel Peace Prize :trophy: in 1936 for his work in seeking a peace agreement between Paraguay and Bolivia, who were at war over a border dispute.

1991: International Day of the Midwife :baby:: Since 1991, it has been celebrated, instituted by the United Nations to highlight the important role they play in the health of mothers, children and their families.

2007: International Day for the Struggle for the Liberation of Marijuana : it takes place in some 232 cities around the world, 22 in Latin America.

Also: World Hand Hygiene Day :clap: :soap:: it’s celebrated every year, on May 5th, an essential habit to reduce the transmission of infectious diseases, which constitute in our country and in the world a relevant cause of avoidable illness and death.

What do you think of these anniversaries? Do you know something else celebrated this day? :thinking:

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