April, April- April Fools Day

April fools´ day

Today is April fools´ day. I always loved this day and made sure to come up with a good prank.

A nice start into the day is putting some food coloring into the milk carton. When someone pours themselves a glass or puts it into their coffee it is quite a shocker when the milk is green or blue.

In Germany we say „jemanden in den April schicken“ (send someone into April) and even the newspapers and TV programs show funny articles or stories.

To indicate the choke you shout „April, April“ afterwards.

Have you ever pulled a prank on April fools´ day? :laughing:


I must admit I’m not much of a prankster myself, but I’m loving your milk idea, I might have to give it a try :smirk:

I love your idea! I will keep it in mind, in my family we usually celebrate April fools day quite a lot!! :laughing:

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