April Fools Day

Today the world celebrates April Fools’ Day, and Russia is one of the countries that celebrates Первое Апреля (April 1st) the most! It is usual to make jokes, from quite peaceful to very elaborate, among family and friends.

Did you know that Russian Emperor Peter the Great was the one who standardized the celebration of this day in Russia? It turns out that he had many foreigners in his kingdom who loved to joke around on April 1st, and Peter wasn’t averse to playing pranks on his entourage either.

As the story goes, once the audience was gathered to see a play by a group of German actors, and they, instead of performing, came on stage with a banner that read “April 1st”. In response, Peter I didn’t get upset, and simply said “It’s the will of the comedians”.

Do you celebrate April Fools’ Day? Have you already made a joke?
I usually do, although today I still haven’t come up with anything… You can suggest ideas in the comments! Let’s laugh! :joy: