ARE / ERE / IRE - The three suffix used on all Italian verbs

Hello there :hugs:,

hope you guys are doing great! In this short I’ll put a good info that will help you a lot on conversation and writing in Italian: the three suffix that you’ll see and use to conjugate verbs.

:arrow_right: - ARE like MANGIARE (To Eat)
:arrow_right: - ERE like VEDERE (To See)
:arrow_right: - IRE like COPRIRE (To Cover)

How to use it in the best way

The tips for verbs is to learn how the inflection work for each type of mentioned suffix, by that you’ll be able to use them in each kind of verb.

Stay tuned, to see how the inflection of the verbs work :wink: Write on comments other verbs that you may know for each suffix!