Auto pause on the app?


I love the auto pause feature when I watch something on my laptop. It automatically pauses at the end of every subtitle. I can’t find this feature on the app even though the help says you can do it. The only thing the app has is the loop feature after every subtitle. And the loop is super annoying and worthless. Is there some hidden way to do auto pause on the app (iPhone)?


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At the moment we don’t provide this feature on the app but it will be added in the near future :relieved:

okay, thank you. I really like that feature and use my phone more than my laptop.

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Huh? I’ve been wondering how to automatically stop at the end of each line of dialog. Unlike the above poster, I do not see an auto pause on my laptop at all. I do see the loop, but no auto pause. I have to pause manually, and because the dialog is fast, the pause often occurs two lines later, which is not at all helpful! Am I just not finding the auto pause feature? Thanks.

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You should see the feature in the top right of the video when watching on your laptop. I can’t see a way to insert an image otherwise I would show you. It’s just a toggle switch which is awesome for trying to learn each caption. I’m not good enough to keep up with what they’re saying so it auto pauses at the end of every caption so you can practice it. Then you just hit play to keep going to the next caption.

The loop feature on the app is worthless to me. You can’t even concentrate on learning anything because it keeps looping over and over and distracting what you’re trying to learn.


Found it and it works. Thanks, jon!

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