Avoid asking 'Where are you going?'

In Russia some people believe in a kind of superstition that if you ask someone where they are going, they will have no luck on their way. This comes from the idea that you don’t ask a hunter where he is going, so as not to “jinx” his prey.

People who ask “Ты куда идёшь?” (Where are you going?) are, in these cases, jokingly referred to as “кудыка” [kudYka], because what they do is to “кудыкать” [kudYkat’] (to ask ‘where’).

Several answers for not telling them where you are going may be:

  • На кудыкину гору [na kudYkinu gOru] - To the ‘kudikina’ mountain

  • На кудыкино поле [na kudYkina pOlye] - To the ‘kudikino’ field

  • На кудыкин остров [na kudYkin Ostrav] - To the ‘kudikin’ island

Or directly:

  • Не твоё дело [nye tvayO dEla] - It’s not your business

So now you know, when you want to know where a person is going, avoid asking them directly - not so nice. Instead, you an ask them:

  • Ты далеко идёшь? [ty dalekO idyOsh] - Are you going far?

I hope you find it useful! Let me know if you are interested in hearing more about Russian superstitions! :heavy_heart_exclamation: