Basic French Vocabulary

Hi! I’m traveling to Paris soon, I would love to learn the expressions that I definitely need to know as a tourist in France, some basic French questions and possible answers. Can you help me with that? Is there any show in Lingopie that has that sort of vocabulary? Thank you! :wave: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Here are some common phrases that can help you during your travel:

What’s your name? = Comment vous appelez-vous ?

I don’t understand. = Je ne comprends pas.

Could you repeat that? = Pouvez-vous le répéter ?

What does this mean? = Que veut dire ça? [while pointing to something]



Greeting and farewell phrases and other forms of politeness:

“Bonjour”: Hello / Good morning / Good afternoon
“Salut”: une autre façon de dire bonjour, mais avec un ami. Il s’agit d’une salutation informelle
“Au revoir”: Goodbye
“À tout à l’heure”: see you in a little while
“À bientôt”: See you soon
“À demain”: Until tomorrow
“Excusez-moi, je dois vous laissez”: excuse me, but I have to go
“Vous pourriez me donner votre numéro de téléphone ou votre mail ?”: Could you give me your phone number or your e-mail address?
“Salue tes amis de ma part”:Give my regards / Greetings to your friends.