Bavarian Dialect

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Bavaria is a German federal state located in the south east of Germany. In this region you can encounter the ‘Bairisch’ dialect.
• Servus: used both when saying hello and goodbye.
• Fesch: it translates to ‘beautiful’
• Madln: this means ‘ladies’
• ‘I mog di’: it’s a phrase used to stay ‘I like you’
Hope you learn some new words! Do you know any more Bairisch words? :pencil2: :pencil2:


Ohhh, interesting! They used “servus” in Willow Grouse Investigates, and I understood it was a greeting, but had no idea it was a dialect thing! :sweat_smile:


There are actually tons of dialects in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Every valley has their own way to say and express things. So, Natives can actually distinguish people where they come from by their dialect and accent. But at the same time not even the Natives can always understand each other (especially elderlies from the mountain regions are extremely hard to understand).


Wow! That’s really interesting! Do you know any other words or phrases in other dialects? I would loove to learn some other words! :smiley: :blush:

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I think there are endless examples but if you think of the way how to greet people:

  • In Switzerland they use a lot “Gruezi wohl mitenand” (= Hello together) or just the word “Gruezi”
  • In Austria (but as well in Bavaria) they often use the word “Mahlzeit” to greet someone around lunchtime.