Beverages in Germany

It has been a hot day today and I made myself a big glass of “Apfelschorle”.
This a such a typical beverage in Germany! It is apple juice mixed with soda water. Of course there are many varieties! “Schorle” means mixed with sodawater. I have seen blackcurrant, rhubarb, mango, passionfruit,… you name it!

Lots of places also offer “Weinschorle” ( wine).

Another classic is “Radler”(south Germany)/“Alsterwasser”(north Germany)
It is beer mixed with lemonade.

“Spezi” is also worth trying. (Coke mixed with fanta)

My personal favourite is “Club Mate”, a cold lemonade-icetea on the base of mate tea! Delicious!

What are your favourite drinks and beverages from Germany??


I have to say that “Club Mate” sounds great! :maté: Germans do have a lot of icetee varieties, don’t they? Would love to try them all!!

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I vote definitely for “Radler” or “Weinschorle” (but in Austria we call it “G’Spritztn” :beers: :clinking_glasses:

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I absolutely love Radler! One of my favourite German alcoholic drinks!
I also love Eiskaffee, which is coffee mixed with ice cream, trully one of the most delicious drinks of all times!

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Hi there, I tried once, from a German friend, Radler. It’s so fresh! I really mix it a lot at home!

In Bavaria they make also Russe, its like radler, but with wheat beer.