Books Recommendations

Since we’ve all share some music recommendations I thought it would be a great idea to do the same with books! My first language is Spanish, but in 2021 I started to read books in English as a way to improve my skills, this year I want to start to read books in German.
Which are your book recommendations for beginners?? :bookmark: :bookmark:


One of my favourite authors is Rafik Schami. He is from Syria but lives in Germany.
He wrote some books with lots of little tales and stories like " Der fliegende Baum " or “Der erste Ritt durchs Nadelöhr”.
His book " Erzähler der Nacht" is also amazing. With his words he makes you smell the spices in the streets of Damaskus and dream of far away places.
Some of his books are also available as audio books!

I can recommend to read some children books as well. “Momo” by Michael Ende is beautiful and full of wisdom.
Same as “Jim Knopf and Lukas der Lokomotivführer” by the same author.


Many books can be found in different editions. Some of them have adaptations which are beginner-friendly. One of my favourite authors from Germany is Franz Kafka, he’s considered a pioneer of contemporary literature and was an influence for thousands of other authors. I heavily recommend some of his short tales, like Die Verwandlung (metamorphosis) and Vor der Gesetz (Before the Law).

Another author I really like from Prague before he became stateless is Friedrich Nietzsche. Commonly known by his philosophic phrase “Gott is töt” and his short treaty Also sprach Zarathustra.
As you con see, Germany had a major role in giving us thinkers and artists known worldwide, I’m convinced it’s worth a while to look further and do some research. :face_with_monocle: :star_struck:


I agree with Bettina with regard to “Momo” by Michael Ende! :turtle: (One day I will dare to read “Die unendliche Geschichte”, which I’ve read in my mother tongue and whose adaptation I loved when I was a kid, but it is quite long :sweat_smile:)
I think short stories collections are great for beginners because you get a sense of fulfilment after finishing each story. A couple of years ago I read “Die Känguru-Chroniken” by Marc-Uwe Kling, which has very short chapters (always a plus!) that work almost as short stories, because they are mostly unconnected events in the life of a man and his… kangaroo roommate :kangaroo: (as you can imagine, it’s a funny and quite absurd book :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


I personally started to read books for children as a beginner. In German there are a lot of simple written books but I really like the fairytales of the brother Grimm and another classic is “Max und Moritz”.


Along the same line, there is a show I’d recomend: Who am I, and how many? where the book “Wer bin ich – und wenn ja, wie viele?” by Richard David Precht is read. Reading philosofy books can be really hard, so having some english subtitles is very helpful!

Loved it :rofl: I’m definetly giving the “Die Känguru-Chroniken” a try.

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