Calling for all mystery lovers!

Hi everybody! Is there anyone among you, like me, who loves mystery and spooky shows?
I love them! And, honestly, just because Halloween is well passed behind us, doesn’t mean we can’t watch some crazy cool show, right??? :crazy_face:

I want to share with you a show that I found super interesting!
You can find it in this link:

I loved the suspense it creates, and it is not too scary, so it can be watched also alone :laughing: But the stories are amazing!

Do you guys have any recommendations? Have you seen this show? What do you think? I can’t wait to see your opinions! :slight_smile:


I usually don’t like scary movies… but this one seems quite interesting.
Plus if you say that it’s not too scary maybe I can watch it :relieved:
Thank you for your recommendation!!

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Years ago I learned some Italian and now I set my self the goal of getting back into it… Considering that I love suspense, I think I know where to start!
Thanks for the recommendation! :sunglasses: