Christi Himmelfahrt- Fathers Day in Germany

In Germany Fathers Day is celebrated on Ascension Day, the Thursday forty days after Easter.

In some regions it is also called gentlemen’s day, and is often used as an excuse for men getting together to go on a hike, taking a wagon along with a crate of beer other alcoholic beverages and get drunk. :beers:

It has been criticized for replacing a 1500-year-old Christian tradition by a drinking ritual and excessive alcohol consumption that leads to a significantly increased rate of traffic accidents on that day.

In contrast to Mothers Day, which focuses on families being thankful to their mothers, during the German Fathers Day men mainly celebrate themselves with men’s parties that exclude women and children, cementing an outdated male image.

But of course that is not true for all fathers. Many are spending this day at home with their families getting praised and appreciated for their fatherly achievements.

Have you already watched “At eyes level” on Lingopie? It is a great story about being a father by choice.


Happy Father’s Day to all the dads learning German! :man:t4: :de:
You can’t take advantage of all the different dates to celebrate fathers in the German-speaking world: While in Germany it is celebrated today, Switzerland :switzerland: celebrates it on June 5 and Austria :austria: celebrates it on June 12 :partying_face:


Reading this post was very interesting!
Happy fathers day to all fathers out there :slight_smile:

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