Common Phrases in German

Hello? How’s it going? As a German learner, I’m trying to establish some common phrases that I’ve heard in the shows that I’m watching at the moment, and that I think are quite useful to speak with other German speakers.
• Alles paletti?: this is used as a slang phrase, and it means “it’s everything all right?”
• Ich stimme dir zu: translated it means “I agree with you”
• Alles klar: means “ understood”
• Ich verstehe nur Bahnhof: this is a German idiom to say that you don’t understand anything, even though it can be quite difficult to understand at first because the literal translation to this phrase is “I understand only train station”.
Can you think of any other phrase?


I love “Ich bin mitten in der Pampa”= “I’m in the middle of nowhere”!

Because I was in La Pampa and it’s true, there’s nothing to see but unending fields and maybe, a tree and three cows! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I use " alter Schwede!" ( old swede) a lot. It basically is an expression of surprise. It means gosh or wow.

For example: Alter Schwede, bist du groß geworden!
( Gosh, you have grown so much!)