Confusing Italian and French

Hello everyone! I’m new on here and have been learning Italian for about half a year. I’m from Canada and have learned French before. I find that it’s easy for me to confuse words and phrases between Italian and French now. Anyone have similar experiences and any tips for overcoming that?


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I speak Italian, French and Spanish. I always mix words between these 3 languages because they are very similar. I don’t have any specific advice apart from reading and practicing the language. What can help recognizing accents which are very different.

Hello, I’m guessing this primarily happens when you are speaking? Or when you are “rehearsing” speaking? It seems to me that this is common. I can speak Spanish and French at a conversational level. But I often find that when I’m speaking Spanish, French words come to me, which drives me nuts. Since language learning is an ongoing process for me as I’m always trying to learn more vocabulary, have more conversations, and read more, I did try to find a way I could reduce this from happening. One thing that seems to work for me is to focus on one language at a time. I separate my study schedule by following this pattern: 1 hour or so in the morning for Spanish, and 1 hour or so of French in the evenings. That way, I am at least focused on one language at a time and the words and phrases don’t get as confused.

When I speak with someone in Spanish or French, I also remind myself at the beginning of the conversation that I’m in Spanish or French mode. Sounds silly but it helps to focus me.

Hope this helps, but seems to be just one of those things that happens.

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