Custom card defitions and corrections?

Is there a way we can update cards and change definitions? Im noticing, for example in the video about making matcha, there’s a sentence:

Obviously the definition of “~よう” in this context is to make 立てる volitional, but its listing the translation as “Hey”, which, i guess is correct in a different context, but it seems you cant do anything to update the card to the correct definition, which could prove to be problematic further down the road?


We are working to edit and correct the cards translations into it’s best translation having the context in mind. Soon all the shows will have the correct grammatical information and translation

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I’d really like this, too, especially since a lot of the subtitles grab words along with their particles: [noun] + ha or [noun] + ga.

Verbs aren’t immune either and can get lost in all that bizarre verb chaining that the Japanese do.

Allowing users to customize their own card meanings for Japanese would go a long way toward easing my frustrations with this system. It’s only working for me because I already know a lot of Japanese. I imagine that the true beginners would either be very lost, or would be memorizing cards by rote which would lead to incorrect speaking.

Learning to speak from anime isn’t really advisable…at least, without a lot of footnotes and annotations. You’ll sound like a rude teenage boy if you go that route.

As listening practice, though, this is fine. Having the ability to edit cards would probably make a lot of people happy, though–you could add mnemonics, for one.

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