Degrees of the qualifying adjective - I gradi dell'aggettivo qualificativo

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There are three degrees of the qualifying adjective:

:white_check_mark: positive degree when the adjective expresses a simple quality ( beautiful-bello );

:white_check_mark: comparative degree when it expresses a comparison between two terms (more beautiful, less beautiful, as beautiful as…- così…come, tanto…quanto );
:point_right:comparative of equality : Sonia is as good as Giovanna - Sonia è così buona come Giovanna
:point_right:majority comparative: Paolo is more good than Sandro - Paolo è più buono di Sandro
:point_right:comparative of minority: he is less good than you - Egli è meno bravo di te

:white_check_mark: superlative degree when it expresses the maximum degree of a quality
:point_right:the superlative absolute: with the suffix -issimo as very beautiful - bellissimo
:point_right:the relative superlative (majority and minority): Carlo is the best in the class - Carlo è il più bravo della classe , Elisa is the least good in the class - Elisa è la meno brava della classe.


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