Did you know that the word "среда" has different meanings?

Hello Russian learners!
Have you ever noticed the words that are spelled and pronounced the same way, but have different meanings? They are called homonyms:) And there are quite a lot of them in Russian.

For example, the word “среда” means ‘Wednesday’. But it has one more definition which is ‘environment’. Let’s look at the sentences:

  1. Сегодня уже среда, а я все еще не закончил проект. (Today is already Wednesday, but I haven’t finished the project yet.)
  2. Это благоприятная среда для птиц. (This is a favourable environment for birds.)

As you can see, the spelling is similar, even the same syllable is stressed. But it has completely different meanings. How to differ them? All you should do is just remember the words and always pay attention to the contex.

If you have more interesting examples of Russian homonyms, share them in the comments below:) Let’s learn the language together♥

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Oh, I like the word “ручка”. It can mean so many different things :sweat_smile:
I’ll show some examples here:


Cup handle


Little hand

Heavy machine gun spade grip