Did you know today is the Russian Easter?

Russia professes the Orthodox Christian religion. :orthodox_cross:

Easter in this religion is sometimes celebrated the same day as Catholic Easter, and sometimes, not. This year, the Orthodox Easter is one week later: today. :hatching_chick: :sparkles:

For religious Russian people this is, obviously, a very important day. So now I’ll show you a couple of traditions:

  • Великий Пост or Great fasting: The most religious people respect the great fasting during Lent and Holy Week. It involves not eating meat and dairy products, among other things.

  • On Easter Sunday, Christians greet one another with Христос Воскрес! (Christ is Risen!), and the response is Воистину Воскрес! (Truly Risen!). Then they kiss each other three times on the cheek.

  • Instead of eating chocolate eggs, Russians paint real eggs on Holy Week (preferably Holy Thursday), and prepare куличи (Easter cakes) and творожные пасхи (cheese curds). Then these meals are blessed in the church, to be eaten from Sunday at midnight.

These are the main points of the Easter celebration for Russian Orthodox people. Do you or did you celebrate Easter? Do you have any tradition? I read you! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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