Die Schultüte - An German tradition for all school starters

Did you see the first episode of Draw Smart? It is a show where you can draw together with a woman, actually it is for kids but it is great to learn new vocabulary.

In the first episode she is drawing a so-called “Schultüte”, a huge cone filled with tools you need for school, sweets and toys. In Germany, children who start school for the first time get those for their first day of school.

What an awesome tradition to make first day of school more exciting and easier. :heart_eyes:


I didn’t know this tradition until I saw that show, and I thought it was the sweetest thing (quite literally) :candy: !
I wished we had something like that where I’m from. Does any other country do this?

I never had my Schultüte, but I’d love to do it, so that my kids get one on their first day. I’ll watch that episode of Draw Smart! Thanks!

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