Differences between: América, Hispanoamérica, Latinoamérica and Iberoamérica

Hi :wave:! Today we’re going to see the differences between four terms that they seem to sound quite similar, but their meaning is slightly different. These are:

AMÉRICA: Name given by the Europeans to the lands discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492, in honor to Américo Vespucio. He was the last Italian explorer and merchant who narrated the different excursions to the new lands discovered.
AMÉRICA LATINA: it’s a region from the American continent where the official language from the countries that take part of it derives from Latin, among them we find: Spanish, Portuguese, and French to a lesser extent.
IBEROAMÉRICA: countries of the American continent that were colonies of the empires from the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal), whose official language is Spanish and Portuguese.
HISPANOAMÉRICA: Name given to a part of the American continent and where its official language is Spanish.

Did you know these terms and their differences? What do you thnik about them? :thinking:


I always wondered why they had different names, now I know. Thanks!

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Hola Flor!
I loved you post, this is super interesting. All the History of America and Latin America always fascinated me. This clarifies many things!!! Thank you :star_struck:

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Hi! I’m glad you both liked it! :blush:

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