Do you know…? Savez-vous que…? French Words we often use

Have you noticed that we often use terms in other languages when speaking our own language?

For example we use the term “merde”(shit) from French to wish someone “good luck”. Do you know where does that use come from?

In the past, when there was a new theatre play in a big city in France, the citizens arrived at the theatre in big horse chariots that would wait there until the play was over. When they left the place they left piles of horse manure. This was a sign that the chariots stayed there until the end of the play and a lot of manure there meant that many chariots/people went to see the play, which meant that “it was a success!!!”

So, from that moment on, every time we want to wish good luck to someone we say “merde!” :slightly_smiling_face:

Another word we often use in French is “toilettes”.

Do you use other terms in French when speaking your own language? Which ones?

I’ll read you in the comments :wink:

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