Do you know the song "Amar pelos Dois"? Have you heard it?

It was Portugal’s first win since the show began in 1964, and it was also the biggest Eurovision winner ever, with a total of 758 points.

“Amar pelos Dois” is a great song for understanding future subjunctive expressions with lyrics like “um dia alguém me pergunta, diz que eu vivi para te amar” (one day someone asks me, say I lived to love you).
It highlights some interesting regional differences, such as the use of “teu”, which is common in Portugal, while in Brazil, it is common to use “seu”.
However, this is not a rule - many places in Brazil use teu, and it is normal in Rio de Janeiro, for example, to hear a mixture of both.

Which songs have already won in your country?

Be connected, in Portuguese! :portugal: :brazil:

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I Italy we have a very famous Italian music festival called Sanremo.
In 2019 the Winner was an artist called Mahmood with his song “SOLDI”.
The song became super famous internationally and I really like the song too

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I will check that one!

Thank you!

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