Do you know these common Russian names?

In one of the last posts I told you about the diminutives and variations that Russian names can have (Russian Diminutives).

Today I want to mention some of the most used names in Russia, and their origins and meanings. Whether on a Lingopie show or elsewhere, you’ve surely heard them.

:boy: Some common male names:

  • Дмитрий - Dmitriy: Greek origin. Means “dedicated to the goddess Demeter” (goddess or earth and fertility).
  • Александр - Alexander: Greek origin. Means “protective man”.
  • Иван - Ivan: Hebrew origin, “forgiven by God”. Considered as one of the most Russian names.
  • Сергей - Sergey: Latin origin, can mean either “high” or “noble”, as well as “servant of God”.
  • Владимир - Vladimir: Slavic origin, meaning “ruler of the world”.

:girl: Some common female names:

  • София - Sofia: Greek origin, meaning “wisdom”, “reasonableness”.
  • Мария - Maria: Hebrew origin, meaning “desirable”, “serene”.
  • Ольга - Olga: Old Russian origin. It can mean “holy”, “wise”.
  • Анастасия - Anastasia: Greek origin. It means “resurrection”.
  • Екатерина - Ekaterina: Greek origin. Means “pure”, “chaste”.

When I say that they are widely used names, it is really so. My name is Anastasia, and while in Argentina this name is very uncommon, when I traveled to Russia once I got lost in a bookstore and my mom, when she called me out loud, saw that about five girls turned around :joy: :joy: That was very unexpected!!!

And you, did you know all these names? Maybe you have friends named like this? :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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I knew a few of these names! I love the fact that in Russian they have diminutives or nicknames for some names, like Sasha for Alexander or Nastya for Anastasia.

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Exactly, in Russian we use diminutives a lot, almost every name has one! Even sometimes the diminutive is better known than the whole name :joy: Just in this article I talk a little bit about it: Russian Diminutives :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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