Do you like to cook? Check it out!

Are you familiar with Russian cuisine? Soups, salads, pastries, and many other dishes :drooling_face:
Maybe you have tried to cook something from Russian cuisine?
There is an opinion that cooking is not for everyone. We categorically disagree with this point of view. Everyone has a predisposition to cook. All you need is a little practice and inspiration.
A great way to “pump up” your cooking skills, and at the same time learn Russian, is to watch our cooking shows with Julia.

Julia is so confident in the kitchen that her confidence goes straight to the audience. You feel you can easily follow her in preparing even the most complicated Russian dish. And even if you just started to learn Russian, you won’t have any problems. Julia pronounces the words clearly and slowly, just perfect for beginners.

Check it out and tell me your opinion. Honestly, I’m in love with this show :heart_eyes:
Russian soups
Russian New Year Eve’s Food

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