Does it take a long time to get your first hour in?

I’ve been on thos app for about 2 days. I’m at 520 total words and phrases, but still don’t have an hour under my belt. Does it take a while to reach the first hour mark? I’ve been studying my Spanish on and off since I joined.

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It only counts active time watching the videos. The time you do flashcards does not get added.

I am guessing you watched like 2 episodes or a few smaller things if that’s the case. With 5 watched cartoons averaging about 11 mins each you would still be under an hour by that measure as well. Skipped openings and endings will not be added either. You can see the total time for the language on your main page and the individual time spent on the show on its own page. I am nearly 11 hours of total time (in Spanish) and 5 hours of that is watching Oswaldo. I have watched various episodes multiple times; and I can confirm that repeating a show will count to your totals.


Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.

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