Ear training struggles

Hola! I have been taking Spanish lessons in one form or another for years now and I feel like I can’t break through the plateau of being able to read and understand but struggling with hearing/ear training. So as I watch the films with subtitles, I’m fine. But the second I turn them off I’m not. Should I be doing something differently!?

Have you tried dreaming Spanish on youtube?

No but I will. Thank you!!!

I can’t understand spoken Spanish either but I can understand most of super beginner in dreaming Spanish. I second this resource.

Today I started to use the flashcard app (the one with the picture of a flashcard on android) to record audio from duolingo and practice hearing it. To train my ear. Also, practice your flashcards on duolingo for an episode, and when you get good then listen to that episode without subtitles. Do not expect to catch every word.

This is the picture of the flashcard app i am using that allows audio. You get 50 free flashcards and it’s 3 dollars for unlimited cards.

I used them for 30 flashcards off duolingo. The firat timw it took me 50 minutes to get theough them all. Now it takes me 8.

I added 30 more flashcards.

At first i just tried to hear most of the sounds. Now i try to understand the sentence. First try to hear, then when you’ve got that down, try to understand.

You can use it with lingopie!

I’m on day 2 of this. I’ll message you later if it works.