Easter traditions in Latin America

Although Holy Week is celebrated throughout all Latin America, each one commemorates the death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth in a different way. :pray:
Here I show you how some of the Latin American peoples live their Holy Week traditions.

Mexico :mexico:
On the night of Good Friday, the impressive Procession of Silence takes place in San Luis de Potosi. It consists of the congregation of different neighborhoods where they carry religious images, while walking in reference to the Virgin Mary’s mourning for the death of her son.

Colombia :colombia:
The biggest celebration takes place in the west of the country, in the city of Popayán. In this town they recreate the death of Jesus and are accompanied by angels carrying hammers and chisels.

Venezuela :venezuela:
Venezuelans make a procession to venerate the Nazarene of San Pablo. It is one of the oldest traditions in the country and the most important during Holy Week. Devotees dress in purple tunics and many walk barefoot to the church to pay their promises to the Nazarene or to make new petitions.

Guatemala :guatemala:
It’s in La Antigua Guatemala, where the processions of Holy Week are experienced with the greatest devotion. The mystical environment of the place and the veneration shown by the faithful make the streets become the scene of an unforgettable experience for followers and even non-believers.

This commemoration is characterized by enormous tapestries made with flower petals, over which the image of Christ passes. This commemoration is considered one of the most beautiful Easter traditions in the world.

Argentina :argentina:
While many people think that chocolate Easter eggs are only a North American tradition, the tradition also exists in other places. With 85% of Argentina’s population being Roman Catholic, it’s common for families to leave the city for the hillside to spend with family. After a big Easter meal, chocolate eggs are exchanged, and some families with younger children will have a chocolate egg hunt.

Would you like to learn more about the different cultures in Latin America? Which country would you like to visit? :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Very interesting, thank you for sharing!

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