Egg cup for the boiled egg on Sunday

Hi there,
Yesterday was Sunday- my favorite breakfast day! On Sundays we usually put a bit more effort into the breakfast routine, light a candle, make milkfoam for our coffee…and cook an egg. I love my old family tradition of the soft or hard boiled egg served in the egg cup- I think it is very German! My grandma even had a special cutter to remove the top of the egg and individual mini salt shakers!
As kids we would carefully scoop out the egg and put the empty shell hole down into the egg cup for my dad. We thought that was hilarious and he dutyfully pretendet to be surprised to find an empty egg every Sunday morning…
Do you cook eggs on Sunday? How do you serve them??




My grandma made some knitted hens :chicken: to put over the eggs, so they stay warm. Simply love German breakfast traditions. I definitely love the large variety of rolls they serve for breakfast. :croissant:

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