El aula / La aula - Which one is right?

Hey, Spanish learners!

Have you ever wondered why we say “El aula” and not “la aula”, even though “aula” is a feminine noun?

That is because “aula” is stressed on the first syllable and, when pronounced with the feminine article “la” or the adjective “una”, it creates what is called a cacophony (an unpleasant mixture of phonetic sounds):ear:t2: :no_entry_sign:. You may try it and hear for yourself!

The fun fact is that if there are adjectives that follow the noun, these are written in the feminine form, too! (So, “El aula inmensa” or “Un hambre tremenda”)

Do you know any other word that has the same behavior? :thinking: :nerd_face:

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An example I think of is “el agua” instead of “la agua”. However, when it turns into its plural form the article used is feminine, “las aguas” :ocean:


That’s right! And, just like with “aula”, “agua” has feminine adjectives, “El agua cristalina:droplet:


To be honest I can’t label grammar I can only play it by ear. “la água” sounds a little off, “El água” sounds sophisticated.


This is complicated haha!
It is actually super nice to come to the forum and receive little grammar well explained tips. I’m not a fan of grammar rules, I try to hear as much Spanish as I can and by hearing it I learn all these exceptions, but I love to get a daily tip on irregular forms.
What is interesting is that the adjectives that follow the noun are in the feminine form.
El agua fria, now I will remember! :slight_smile:


Yeah, Spanish grammar can be tricky, but it is also interesting how people can pick up these little details just by getting in touch with the language! :astonished: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: