Emoji guessing game!

I’ve seen this done in some places and I thought it would be fun to play it here.
The idea of the game is that someone uses emojis to represent a movie or show from the platform and other people try to guess which one it is. The person who guesses gets to write another movie or title using emojis and so on.
For example, if I wrote :wolf:, the show would obviously be Wolf (which I’m loving btw).
So now, let’s start for real. If I write:

:man_curly_haired: :brick: :brick: :brick: :blonde_woman:t2:

What movie or show is it?

(and don’t forget to add your own emoji riddle so that we can keep playing!)


Hi there! I’ve been watching some movies lately , and from what I’ve seen I think this could be the movie ‘Zwischen uns die Mauer’ (The Wall Between Us). Please let me know if I got it right!!!
Now I want you to guess the name of the following movie or tv show:
:phone: :wolf: :evergreen_tree:


Yes!! You were right, it was The Wall Between Us :clap:t2: :clap:t2: (did you enjoy it? I really liked I. I’ve always found that period of recent German history fascinating!)

I think I know the answer to your but I’m gonna give other people a chance first :zipper_mouth_face:

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Mmmhhh… not quite sure but I would guess “Call of the Wild”. Is it right?
If so the next one is: :coconut: :dragon: