Eszett/Scharfes S

‘ß’, also known as Scharfes S or Eszett, is the distinctive letter of the German language. It first appeared in late medieval and early modern German orthography. This ´ß´ is pronounced like a regular ‘S’ and can also sometimes (but not always) be replace with ‘ss’. We can find it in words such as ‘straße’ (street), ‘weiß’ (white) and ‘heißen’ (to be called).
Do you know any other words that have a ‘ß’? :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle:


There are a lot of words with ß but the interesting thing it that it can make a big difference if the word is written with ß or s.
For example, “reißen” means to tear something and “reisen” to travel.


This is actually really helpful to know as someone who is learning German! You need to be very careful when reading or writing a word with s or ß! Thank you!