Expression that will help you sound like a native!

Hi everyone!
Did you know that the Italian language is rich with expression/ways of saying?
Yes! Besides the multitude of hands gestures, we also have lots and lots of expressions. :slight_smile:
Here are some that will come in handy if you are trying to sound like a native speaker!

  1. “Ma dai!” This expression translated to English would be “come on”. But it has different meanings to us, depending on the context. It is mainly used to give emphasis to the phrase or our feelings. (f.e.: happy, enthusiastic, mad, sad, ecc.)

Example: - Sono andato al mare. - Ma dai!! / - I went to the beach. - Ma dai!!

  1. “Allora” It literally means “so”. Italians like to overuse this word, and it is pretty common to hear them say it at the beginning of most of their sentences.

Example: Allora… oggi studiamo l’inglese! / “Allora”… today we will learn English!

  1. “Meno male” Literally translates into “less bad”. It is used in sign of relief because things went for the best!

Example: Meno male che non ho perso il volo! / “Meno male” I didn’t miss my flight!

What about you, what are some expressions in your language that would be helpful to learn to master the vernacular? :slight_smile:


Ma dai! This is such a great explanation of these 3 Italian ways of saying.
Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Another Italian way of saying is: “Non vedo l’ora”, which literally means " I don’t see the hour".
This expression means “I can’t wait” or that you are very excited to do something in the near future.

What other Italian expressions do you know?
Non vedo l’ ora di sentirle - Can’t wait to hear them!


I am sure going to write down and memorize all these tips! :slight_smile:
I know this expression “Macché”, to express your disagreement about something.


Macché is an Italian expression which is actually very hard to translate.
It can be used when you don’t believe what the other person is saying or when you disagree with them.
For example: Today it’s going rain all the day.
Macché, today it’s a beautiful day! :sun_with_face: