Facts about Love

¡Hi! Today I bring you some interesting facts about love:
• even though St. Valentine :cupid: is celebrated worldwide on February 14th. There are some countries which are celebrated on another date, for example: Bolivia and Uruguay (September, 21st), Brazil (June, 6th), Egypt (November, 4th) and China (August, 28th)
• In Spain, generally, people greet with two kisses, but in some countries, such as Belgium, Switzerland, France and Holland people tend to greet by giving three kisses :kiss:
• In New York, only seven couples are chosen to marry :ring:every February, 14th in the observatory situated in the 80th floor of the Empire State Building
• Paris is known as the Capital of Love :heavy_heart_exclamation:
• As regards weddings there are two records. On the one hand, in Bucharest, a bride achieved the longest tail of her wedding dress, which was 2750 meters (9022,31 foot). On the other hand, in the Philippines, 50 bakers made the highest wedding cake :cake:, with a height of 7,32 meters (2411,417 foot)
• In Morse Code, St. Valentine (San Valentín, in Spanish) would be translated as: … .- -. / …- .- .-… . -. - -. .-.-.

Did you know these facts? Which other do you know? :wink:

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