¡Felices fiestas! ¡Feliz navidad! 🥂

Hello! Today we’re going to ask you a few questions to get you into the Christmas spirit :santa:t4::christmas_tree:
What Christmas traditions do you have in your families/ cities?
Which are your favorites dishes?
What are your favorite movies/series to enjoy this holiday season? :popcorn:
What do you enjoy the most of Christmas? :star_struck:

For instance, today at my house we’re going to have asado, ensalada rusa and ice-cream. And one of my favorite movies for this holiday season is Home Alone :house_with_garden:

What about you?

Les desea el equipo de LiñgoPie :santa:t4::christmas_tree:


Whenever I hear “Feliz Navidad”, I can’t help but think of the song “Feliz Navidad”, which brings me to your last question: I love the songs. However, I also have a question of my own! In “Feliz Navidad”, the song also speaks of the New Year. I believe that the corresponding Spanish quote is, “prospero ano y felicidad” (sorry about the tilde). Just wondering, is “prospero ano” how one says, “New Year” (the holiday) in Spanish? I would think that it would be “Ano Nuevo”.

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