Flash cards order and review & practice system

Hi, is there a way to review the cards in a specific order or even better ‘random’ order? Every time I want to review them, I always see the ones added latest.

Once I check a card as ‘I know’ it, how can I review it again? Are you planning to implement a system to review old known cards?

What is the difference between ‘not idea’ and ‘not sure’ in flash cards? It seems to have the same effect by clicking any of those options.

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I have the same questions


You can review all flashcards in the “review and practice” section on the left side menu.
There you have a mix of all of your flashcards also from different shows.

Furthermore, the flashcards go to the bottom of the list after you click “I know”.

I hope this helped! :slight_smile:
Let me know if you have any other question

You may have misunderstood Dan. I have a similar question/suggestion.

When you are in the ‘Review and Practice’ area that displays the mix of all of your flashcards [from all shows] we are asking/wanting the ability to sort. So instead of it defaulting to ‘newest’- with no option to change this- it would instead have filters to select from such as ‘random’. Or, even better, the ability to select ‘nouns’, ‘verbs’, ‘expressions’ et cetera, so they sort by type.

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